…and we finally updated.
As creatives – it’s no easy task to update your own logo/site/blog/twitter/tumblr etc. In fact it’s one of THE hardest things to do (maybe this is why some of the best agencies have the worst logos? No names here people…no names). Quite simply it’s torture – especially when you’re engulfed in creating outstanding work for others. Which is why it’s taken us this long. We’re sorry and we’re back with a boat load of new projects to showcase!

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Seeing as I’ve been camera happy recently, when I was home I took some time out to check out Exposed – Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera at the Tate Modern.
There were some absolutely brilliant photographs and I spent what felt like an eternity watching Nan Goldin’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency One of the photographers that really stood out to me was French photographer/writer/artist Sophie Calle.
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Rule Britannia!

I haven’t been back to England for just over a year so went on a photo rampage. Photos from my recent trip home. Ahhh just looking at these makes me homesick again.
Random but I honestly think I’m becoming obsessed with signage. Yet again..props to the S90…never fails.
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Back to The Future: Kinect from Xbox 360

The last few days have been an absolute whirlwind…
Los Angeles, Good Times, XBox 360, Project Natal and most importantly Kinect.
After the initial preview of Project Natal back in Februrary, I marked my calendar for December and vowed to pre-order + MAYBE wait in line like everybody else.
Just over a month ago I had the best email I think I’ve ever received in my entire life…a trip to LA to attend the Project Natal announcement and launch (complete with Cirque Du Soleil) extravaganza. Holy shizzle – well obviously there’s not a chance in hell that I’d miss an opportunity like this and for the last few weeks I’ve been wishing away the days like no tomorrow. Finally on Sunday 12th June 2010 – the time had come.
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ATC Miami. The Terrible 2s.

ATC MIA is officially 2 years old today…woah when did that happen?!
I guess time flies when you’re having fun! It was Summer 2006, when I was first approached by Mark, Daailo and DT (founders of ATC MIA) to design their logo, business cards, promotional gear and print ad for Frank 151…obviously charmed by my blazin’ design skills (heh), the project quickly evolved into a full blown retail store design and later down the line e-commerce website (
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…And They Call Him Che.

You gotta love the power of the internet.
I was on a spam rampage earlier on today (can I just say..WHO THE HELL PROFITS FROM IT?! STOP IT!!!) and came across a nice email from a Brooklyn born and raised 18 year old…Che.
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Causin’ Ruckus


More to come…but for now make sure you’re keeping up with DJ Ruckus here and here!

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Block Party


Not much happens on my block…ever since the Knitting Factory closed and the infamous Pepper’s bowed to increasing pressure from “concerned” TriBeCa residents and shut it’s doors (it’s now a church..nuff said). So it came as a surprise on a late Sunday afternoon when I ventured outside (yeah rare) and walked slap-bang into the middle of a block party. Music, kids, balloons, paper, patterns, an elephant load of wheat-paste and Shepard Fairey.
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Build A Better Burger


We were pleased to work on Season 2, Top Chef Masters contestant and esteemed cuisine connoisseur Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s “Marc Burger” temporary site. Keen to keeps his fans updated, Marcus wanted a site that gave a hint of what’s to come.
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Dirty Old Town.

DIRTY OLD TOWN: PRESENTED BY ABEL FERRARA from Blowback Productions on Vimeo.

Just when I think I’m over it all I see beautiful things like this.

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Life. (in pictures)


Work, work and more work. But that’s just not what you come here for is it?
In the last few months I’ve battled a snow storm, overdosed on chocolate at a photoshoot, been to Miami, ridden sans helmet on a scooter, eaten all manner of artery clogging fare, screamed my heart out, been to birthdays a plenty, hustled like a mad woman and a lot more. But of course I documented it all….with Super Cam (aka Canon S90).
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New York. New York.


New York the big city of dreams, nightmares, opportunities, downfalls, culture, elitism, exclusivity and a whole heap of other adjectives. I’ve lived in NYC for just over 7 years and I still haven’t seen it all…when you’re constantly on your grind (it’s not all fun ‘n’ games) – it’s sometimes difficult to appreciate the sheer amount of energy, diversity and most importantly history that’s here. Agreed NYC might not “be what it used to be” (when I got here there were still dragon chasers + tranny hookers in the Meat-Packing) but it’s still fascinating.
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Maybe forgotten…but definitely not gone.

It’s been awhile. I’m sorry. This is crap. There’s nothing worse than loving a blog and then checking back to find…nothing. I’m not going to give you a Blogger’s Sob Story™  - because as you know this isn’t a BLOG – it’s Good things in the works – I promise. Miss me madly? Follow me here (warning I’m not always SFW)

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A Date With The Future: Project Natal


Anyone that knows me or even reads the knows that I’m obsessed with anything related to the future and technology. It sounds corny – but I’m absolutely loving being old enough to witness the growth of how we interact, communicate and use technology, yet still relate to the days of no Atari and no internet. Cornball Moment over with – last night was a dream come true at the premier event for the new Xbox: Project Natal.
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Before The Paparazzi


Marlon Brando & Dennis Hopper

I came across these “Rare Photos of Famous People” on my cyber travels. Some of them you’ve probably seen before – a lot of them I haven’t. I’m in love with the Elizabeth Taylor and Christopher Walken shots…oh and Dennis Hopper? Can Steve Jobs please invent a REAL Time Machine next? Thanks.

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Oi! It’s The Other NY-LON


Jennifer Green is a fellow transplant with an excellent blog on the New York-London lifestyle. Every month she interviews fellow ex-pats and gets their take on life and living in NYC. She recently featured yours truly (even though I’m from Manny) yaay!
Excerpt below:

What do you love about New York?
I love the non stop “get it” attitude that everyone brings to the table. I love the fact that “doing business” isn’t a bad thing and when it’s good – it’s always a pleasure. I love that no matter who you are – or where you’re from you can do anything you damn well want and people appreciate you for it.

Complete this sentence, ‘You know you’re a New Yorker when…’
You order eggs over-easy-medium, start drinking champagne at 11am and nobody bats an eyelash. (Mimosa brunch people!)

Ooooo I say.
Read for the full interview here and check out the rest of the site here

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Lee Alexander McQueen “Enfant terrible”


A Creative Genius and Fashion Mastermind
16 March 1969 – 11 February 2010
May He rest in peace.

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New Work: The Mick Boogie Website


I’m pleased to announce the launch of

From being the official DJ for the Cleveland Cavaliers, to playing at celeb studded parties in Miami, Dubai and Las Vegas – Mick Boogie has fast become one of the DJ industry’s rising stars. Mick approached us in late 2009 to help him re-tool his site and re-energize the Mick Boogie brand.
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Jungle Juice.The House of Jackie Brown.

Held smack bang in the middle of Times Square, with an adult paddle pool, inflatables, Makers, a hot as balls crowd and a live performance from NY’s finest – Roxy Cottontail, the House of Jackie Brown 2nd Anniversary event was definitely not going to be your regular swimwear soiree.
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New Work: Up + Coming


I’m a big fan of surprises and I’m an even BIGGER fan of suspense and the build up. This year has thankfully (yes…I am truly thankful) been a busy year for giftd.
The full run down has yet to come – but I figured a sneak peek is in order. These projects aren’t officially launching until next year but as loyal blog readers I wanted to share with you…more to come!! Oh and the image above is DEFINITELY the thing I’m most excited about.
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Let There Be Light.


I recently got a new camera (Canon S90) and while I’m no expert (and admittedly a beginner), I’ve taken on a whole new appreciation for light and the art of photography. While looking through iphoto I noticed a common theme – the light…THE LIGHT!! Honestly, I can’t take a lot of credit because on most of the flicks I’ve literally gone – “point-shoot-move on”, but I will say that the S90 is flippin’ amazing when it comes to picking up light. Below are some flicks I’ve taken over the last 2 months.

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Jacques-Not For Sale To Minors



On my regular field trip to the magazine mecca (Spring & Lafeyette) on Saturday, I came across Jacques and was immediately intrigued. It was sat with the adult mags, wrapped in plastic and had ‘not for sale to minors’ printed on the front. When I asked Magazine Man™ what it was he raised his eyebrows, so I knew instantly it wasn’t your average fashion/photography publication.
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Oooooo! How Llady Like!

I’ve been a member of this bloomin’ marvelous community of extraordinarily talented and creative ladies for just over a year and a half. During that time I’ve met some fantastic and inspiring women (including founder Natalie Blacker and have made some really good friends.
So I’m positively honored to be featured as Ladies Lotto’s LLady of the month. What a wicked way to end the year!
— You can read the full (Ballsy – my mum said) interview by Devan with yours truly here
— To learn more about Ladies Lotto and apply to become a member (DO IT!) go here
— To read about the event that started it all go here
— To read about another killer Ladies Lotto Event featuring Ari Up go here
— And if you missed the last Behind The Beast event featuring Lynette Astaire, Leah McSweeney (MTTM), Jasmine Takanikos (JTC), Samia Grand-Pierre (High Snobette), Kathryn Finney (The Budget Fashionista) and others…you missed out!
Oh and you can follow LL on Twitter and join the Facebook Group

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Little Doodles


I came across the brilliantly beautiful blog of Kate Wilson a few weeks ago and just had to share. From delicately detailed drawings and witty little bird doodles, to full on fashion adoration, photography and the documentation of her fantastic “crafty” projects – Kate’s blog makes me want to learn to draw (although my stick men are pretty damn amazing) doodle and craft. Absolutely brilliant stuff. See more here.

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Food Glorious Food.

With Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas just around the corner – aside from family and friends, the one thing on most peoples mind is food. Coincidentally over the last week I’ve been lucky enough to have a slap up meal at Brinkleys, nosey round the New Amsterdam food market and finally try a dinges from the infamous Wafels and Dinges truck. I see treadmill torture on the horizon. If you hate “pictures of food” blogs…I’m sorry I just had to do it.
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VISUAL creativity…is it dead? I’ll agree that the one thing missing from the internet is wild visual abandon. Previously mood-board type sites I’ve come across have been pretty uniform; image and justified text // small images lots of justified text // lots of justified images and no text. Don’t get me wrong…each serves a purpose, but sometimes sites like Flickr, Dropular and Notcot just don’t cut it. Enter JBlyth’s visual orgasm…
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Behind The Seams.


I’m in the market for a new handbag. Random. But true. Obviously it has to be within budget – but one can drool over the fantabulous treasures of leather…One in particular, is the Chanel 2.55

“In February 1955, Coco Chanel launched a bag that sparked a revolution in the world of luxury goods. The “2.55″ takes its name from this date, and remains a synonym for elegance and exclusivity to this day…Each bag is then packed according to its exact shape, placed in the iconic black and white box and sent off to CHANEL’S distribution centre to be shipped to boutiques around the world.And that is where the dreams really begin…”
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Cara Walsh + The Big Penis Book


Hmmm…sounds like a DVD you’d find in your local Dirty Den ‘esque store, but unfortunately my friends it’s not.
Cara Walsh is a California native, great chef, good friend and most importantly – a ridiculously talented graphic designer. Cara has spent last two years working at Taschen and has had the great pleasure of designing a number of great books including; Tom of Finland, America Swings, The Godfather Family Album, and the brilliantly titled The Big Penis Book (not for the faint of heart – let me tell ya).
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Proud To Be Mancunian

I’m Mancunian born and bred. I’ve been in New York City for just over 6 years and whilst I love it, I’m very proud of my hometown. The latest track (Stellify) off former Stone Roses front man – Ian Brown’s album is bloody brilliant and makes me proud to be a Manc.

The video is set on a (very typically) grey day in Manchester. Leading a marching band the man of the moment, marches on with the swagger of 10 men through the town center. To many it’s a simple/basic video but I’ve gotta say – it makes me proud to be a Manc every time I hear the track and see the video.

To Stellify is: To turn into a star; to cause to appear like a star; to place among the stars, or in heaven. – couldn’t have said it better myself. His new album “My Way” is out now – I’m going to be completely biased and say buy it now – it’s well worth it.

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New Work: ATC X New Era


There are big things bubbling at ATC (including the soon to be launched much anticipated e-commerce website!). For now though the boys in Miami are proud of their latest collaboration ATC MIA x New Era. We were pleased to be consulted on the project and can’t wait to get our hands on the final product.
Get yours in the store; 1601 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida.

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New Work: Lights Out on Greene.


It’s been a helluva ride. Mountain Dew’s Green Label Art is officially a wrap. If you missed it? Shame on you – you missed out. Transforming the Etnies basement into a fully fledged art gallery was no easy task but it’s been great working with a wicked team of individuals; Matty Ho (Subculture Conglomerate), The LTD + Crew, the artists (Pushead, UPSO, Stephen Bliss, Jeff McMillan, Nathan Cabrera and Claw Money) and of course partner in design Confid3ntial.
Final Recap to come.

Thanks to Poe@freshnessmag for the exterior shots!

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Supermarket Sarah


Ahhh internet…what will you show me next. I’ve done some much needed mindless browsing this weekend and as usual am loving the little internet gems that I’ve come across. First up: Supermarket Sarah.
Sarah take internet shopping to the next (and beautifully basic) level with her online store.

Sarah decided to leave the corporate world behind her and has set up shop in her own home. Her home, round the corner from Portobello Market where she has a stall, is now overflowing with treasures and delights and she welcomes visitors with tea and cakes.

It’s not often you come across such a well organized e-commerce site like this – especially when it comes to vintage goods and wares by lesser known designers. Users can browse by “walls” or simply by item when rolling over the cleverly constructed images. I love how each item has a story – case in point the Rainbow Cape by Scott Ramsay Kyle.

Check it out here.

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Paint It Black: Stephen Bliss

Paint It Black Pieces

Green Label Art Volume 3 is drawing to a close (last event is Claw Money on Tuesday through Thursday). As the series winds down – the opening events just keep on getting better…the second to last event being for Rockstar Games finest – Stephen Bliss. Friday saw the opening event for Mr Bliss’s “Paint It Black”.

Stephen took the concept of interactive to the next level with the Paint It Black Show. Artists (including ThunderDog Studios very own Tristan Eaton and NYC artist Eric White) and event attendees were invited to “paint by numbers” on Stephen’s intricately detailed pieces which included sketch book excerpts and original workings from the infamous “Bully” video game.


More pics after the “MORE” and a LOT more courtesy of Poe at freshnessmag here.
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All Hail the King.


I’ve stayed relatively silent on the on pop culture and all that it encompasses for the last few months. Not because I don’t care – because believe me I do. (I live on pop culture, I can’t help it – call it TV depravation as a child. I was saving it all for the end of year post, which is rapidly approaching). MJ, DJ AM, DASH SNOW, WALTER KRONKITE, PATRICK SWAYZE and the other brilliant sprites of life that passed – you have not gone un-noticed…believe me.

Amazing word-smith Dylan Byers gave me a heads up on his latest post. “Thoughts On Shawn Carter.” For those that missed the MTV performance (and yes Lil Mama and Kanye tackily distracted from Madonna’s f*cking Real Talk MJ speech and one of THE best, goose-bump inducing, chill-inspiring  inducing performances the VMAs has probably ever had), please read this.

“And so we follow Jay-Z through the doorway, as the microphone is handed to him, as he dons his crown – his Yankee cap – and rises from beneath the stage to the lights of the arena, and the awaiting crowd: not mere fans, but American celebrity’s cream of the crop, before which he is King.”

Definitely couldn’t have written it better myself. Nice One Dylan.

Read the full piece here.

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Dew You Part 2



Yeah yeah the Dew phrases will never get old.
Opening night on 09.09.09 went off with a bang (and a crash…umm this is a gallery people!)…if you missed it – no worries there are PLENTY more opening nights and opportunities to witness the Green coming up over the next 2 weeks.

29 Greene Street, Soho, NYC (12 – 7PM)
Nathan Cabrera (15TH – 17TH SEPTEMBER)
Stephen Bliss (18TH – 20TH SEPTEMBER)
Claw Money (21ST – 23RD SEPTEMBER)

I didn’t have time to take too many killer flicks but freshnessmag captured the night and space perfectly if you care to head on over…otherwise some flicks of the ridiculously intense yet unbelievably brilliant process after the “more”.

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What It Dew? Green on Greene

Woah Summer flew by and all I have to show for it are 2 posts, a sun tan, mosquito bites and a hard drive full of Sardinian Paradise (now over)…oh and lest I forget a boat-load of new work. Why sunshine…I barely know thee.

First up? The Green Label Art Gallery.
Green Label Art is a creative initiative from the folks at Mountain Dew that gives selected artists (both upcoming and established) the opportunity to design their own Mountain Dew bottles that are available for a limited period of time.
Now in it’s third year, Volume 3 showcases the creative bottle work of Pushead, Nathan Cabrera, Jeff McMillan, Claw Money, Stephen Bliss and UPSO.
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Curiosity (almost) Killed The Cat…


Those that know me, know that I have a huge interest in human psychology  - it’s bloody fascinating and “the study of the mind” runs in the family. I always wanted to be a forensic psychologist (blame Cracker) until I was told by my Biology teacher that not only would it be years of medical school – but I probably wouldn’t be taken seriously in my field until I reached my late 40s (yeah…thanks Dr Crook).
At 16 years old, this was not an option. So I ended up putting this down as my third career option and moved into advertising and graphic design (“I will control your mind with engaging taglines, visually arresting images and other marketing jargon…muahhahahaaaaa!!”). Anyway when I heard about the recent ink blot brouhaha, I couldn’t help but take a peek at the Rorschach blots on wikipedia.

“The Rorschach test, a series of 10 inkblot plates created by the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach for his book “Psychodiagnostik,” published in 1921, is clearly in the second category.
In the last few months, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia has been engulfed in a furious debate involving psychologists who are angry that the 10 original Rorschach plates are reproduced online, along with common responses for each. For them, the Wikipedia page is the equivalent of posting an answer sheet to next year’s SAT.”


With my curiosity piqued I tried taking an online test here. BAD IDEA. BAAAAAAAD IDEA.
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Hey Ben!


I think everyone at some point has had the debate Rocky or Rambo, Frankenstein or Dracula, Dinosaur or Deceptacon? Shia or Becks…ahem! Well maybe not the latter but you know what I mean. I came across heybendotcom’s brilliant “Pick One”. I think I’m addicted…nice one Ben

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Missing In Action.

Yes yes…it’s a been a long time. No excuse except Summer time.
Took a long awaited and much needed trip to Sardinia via London via Manchester . Absolute Bliss…I’m think I’m still in chillax (I also hate that word…but anyway) mode. So forgive the lack of commentary.

Some flicks below…back to work it is then!



Side note: IF in the eventuality of a panicked and frantic emergency exit, which here would likely occur over jagged mountain tops OR vast oceanic waters I am to simply “open the hatch” and wiggle out???!! Where’s the slide!?

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